The global lost & found network

The world is now more connected than ever. Nearable helps to ensure lost items are more easily discovered.

Beacons, wearables, and tracking devices are used everyday to recover and track objects in our day-to-day lives. Thanks to the many brands of tracking devices; it’s become increasingly difficult to lose your valuables. Today’s tracking devices are proprietary to their own mobile applications, which means the network is insignificant, and functionality depends directly on the size of that network. Nearable bridges the gap between brands and devices creating the world’s largest BLE location network, drastically increasing the odds of discovering all lost items.

Bridging the gap between BLE tracking devices and their proprietary networks.

With Nearable, we've created a platform to build upon for manufacturers of proprietary BLE tracking devices and networks. Nearable's SDK is easily installed in any application and quietly listens for 'lost' BLE devices of all manufacturing types -- transmitting the location data to our secure cloud immediately upon discovery.

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A crowd-sourced network of infinite scale.

Nearable's networking capabilities don't stop at BLE tracking devices; our SDK has been carefully developed to support everything from tracking apps, to health & fitness wearables, to independently developed apps, and even social media apps.

Nearable has been designed to support multiple operating systems of various devices. At scale, Nearable has the potential to leverage smart phones across the globe -- truly unlocking the power of crowd-sourced device tracking networks.

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